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0000015DarkRadiantGUIpublic03.03.2021 14:51
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Fixed in Version0.9.0 
Summary0000015: Clickable jump-to-position for camera views

Currently you can ctrl-mmb in the iso view to make the 3D view jump to that position (and orientation with alt or shift-mmb, can't remember which). But I'm unaware of a way to make the iso view jump to a click in the 3D view (the opposite). This would be a very welcome thing, because of the convenience it affords a designer when a map starts to get really large.

[greebo: I can't think of a good solution right now, but it would be possible to place the camera in the surrounding or the center of the brush/patch/object that has been clicked on.]

This sounds like a good solution to me.
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15.03.2007 14:24

administrator   ~0000417

Last edited: 15.03.2007 14:24

Added "Jump to Object" combo (Alt-RMB by default), works in the camview only.

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0005556: Merge pull request 0000015 from illwieckz/q3legacybrush

Add missing image dimension reads to Quake 3 legacy brush parser
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0000015, 0005556
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