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0000155DarkRadiantGUIpublic04.03.2007 18:13
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Summary0000155: Not all colors customizable?
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The color I'm referring to specifically is that of the guard and his naming letters. They're pretty hard to read on my background color (a standard color scheme in DoomEd, 'Super Mal'). "So change the background!" I hear you say. :) Well, sure. But I'm wondering, why no support for changing the guard's color (which also happens to be the color of moveable_base_brick, and light_candleflame_moving (TDM-specific), etc.)?
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27.02.2007 08:09

administrator   ~0000258

Those colours are defined in the .def files. They can of course be overriden (and I actually did that with the light colours), but enabling this for various types of entity classes would require a separate GUI. Don't know if that's worth it.

This is really a weird background colour, btw. ;)


27.02.2007 21:52

developer   ~0000262

To be honest, I have been toying with the idea of removing the DEF-defined colours altogether and have the entity colour configured through the colours dialog like everything else. This would simplify the code quite a bit (entity classes would no longer have to maintain colour and shader information) but there might be some mappers who actually like the per-entity colouring.


28.02.2007 02:40

reporter   ~0000269

I dunno, it's a standard color definition in DoomEd ("SuperMal"). Black is too stark, and white will make you go blind!

So what do we do? Leave it to people to hack def files (wait, do you mean Doom3 def files, or DR def files??) or...? As long as the def option is available to me, I'm thankful. It's not really every entity, just these hard to see green ones.


28.02.2007 09:14

administrator   ~0000275

It's in the Doom3/Dark Mod .def files as there exist no other def files ;).

I'd prefer leaving the per-entity colouring, because it's easier to distinguish loot from other stuff, func_statics from entites, etc.


28.02.2007 21:16

reporter   ~0000290

If I understand correctly, it sounds like Doom3 def files determine what colors the items have the editor (oddly enough) but that gives the added feature of letting colors distinguish custom items. In that case, agreed, we should not mess with it.


01.03.2007 21:58

administrator   ~0000299

Make entity default colour customizable.


03.03.2007 14:08

administrator   ~0000307

Entity default colours are customisable now.


04.03.2007 16:09

reporter   ~0000324

Is it reflected on the View | Colors dialog? On that page, the only thing I have set to black is 'Default Brush'. The entities (moveable_base_brick, builder guard) that I linked in the original entry used to be green, but now they are black. To confirm whether or not they are included with default brush, I changed default brush to an obnoxious pink, and here is the result:

The entities are still black, while the default brushes have in fact turned pink. Maybe the entry for entity defaults was left off the dialog?


04.03.2007 16:20

administrator   ~0000327

Last edited: 04.03.2007 16:21

You probably have to delete your local colours.xml file, otherwise the new settings will not be effective. And you have to restart DarkRadiant for the changes to take effect.



04.03.2007 17:21

reporter   ~0000330

Last edited: 04.03.2007 17:30

To clarify, I did see changes (to default brush) without restarting, just not changes to the entities (nor a specific entry for them on the dialog). I've also tried deleting colors.xml but then DR refuses to start. Is there a way to do this without wiping out every setting I've defined?

Edit: hmm, I'm guessing not. I look in the xml and do see an entry for default entity, but it doesn't show up on the dialog.

Edit2: on second thought, even if I don't have an updated dialog which shows default entity, I still see in the xml that the definition is 1 .5 0, which IIRC is green, so for some reason I'm seeing them as black even though they're defined as green.



04.03.2007 17:32

administrator   ~0000331

Sorry, I should have been clearer: Please do NOT delete the colours.xml file in the installation folder, but this one:

C:\Documents and Settings\SneaksieDave\Application Data\DarkRadiant\colours.xml

This is where your local colour preferences are stored. They are blocking the default colours from being used, therefore you'll have to delete the file in order to make the changes visible.

As for the restarting: Not all colour changes require a restart but some do. The entity def files are parsed at DarkRadiant startup and their default colours are set during that phase, so currently you'll have to restart to see the colour actually change.


04.03.2007 18:13

reporter   ~0000333

This quickly turned into a mini-nightmare, but I managed to get through. I had first moved the files so as to keep them (before your clarification), then tried to start DR without them. I guess that causes them to be reset, but it apparently didn't like it when I tried reinstating them. When I got rid of the user-specific xml, DR was crashing on map loads. Eventually, after much gritting of teeth and swearing, I manually updated the file and got it to work. DR is still acting weird; I have no more icon in the menus next to colors or background image, and my maps path is wrong, but at least it's not crashing anymore.

Changing of default ent color confirmed.

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