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0001593DarkRadiantSaving and loadingpublic03.04.2009 10:26
ReporterAluminumHaste Assigned Togreebo  
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Target Version0.9.9Fixed in Version0.9.9 
Summary0001593: Cancelling a map load then saving, overwrites map
DescriptionIf you open a large map which takes several minutes, such as saint lucia, you have enough time to hit the "Cancel" button, which cancels the loading. Unfortunately the map is already partially loaded as you may notice at the top the name and location of the map is there, also some entities/brushes/patches etc may already show up on the screen or they may not.

Now the problem is, if you hit "Ctrl-S" or "File->Save", you will save your changes to that map, but with only what's currently loaded in DR at the moment and there is no warning.

DR should be doing a full cancel operation in that it should clean up the partially loaded map and give you an "" filename with nothing in it.

Steps to reproduce:

1> Make a copy of a large map like Blackheart so you don't lose anything.
2> Open DR
3> Open the map
4> During the open process, hit "Cancel"
5> Hit either "Ctrl-S" or go to "File-Save"
6> Close DR
7> Open DR
8> Open the map and see that your map is now corrupt

Adding this to tracker.
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29.12.2008 10:12

administrator   ~0002270

Cancelling map loading is clearing the root node and the map name now to avoid accidentally overwriting the original map with a half-loaded one.

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