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0000016DarkRadiantGUIpublic08.08.2021 05:09
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Summary0000016: Background Image Overlay in Orthoviews
DescriptionAs suggested by Mr. Mike (

Ideally this would be possible to assign to a single or all perspective views and could be scalled either uniformerly or by freehand.

Aside from having the obvious use of importing sketched out plans of a building etc the main benefit, for me, is that when creating architecture I like to work from photos, it creates a much more believable structure. It's not difficult to flick between DR and my photo, but I'd find it much more beneficial to have it loaded there, in DR. I know nothing about coding, so have no idea how difficult this would be, but just wanted to throw this out for you guys to think about.
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23.01.2007 20:04

developer   ~0000004

Implementation note: compare with the Pointfile implementation, this creates a renderable object which is attached directly to the ShaderCache without going through the scenegraph. The background image could be implemented similarly, as a singleton class which attaches or detaches itself from the ShaderCache when toggle on/off, and renders its own texture image through the renderer back-end interface.


27.01.2007 17:25

administrator   ~0000031

This is completed in the branch overlay_plugin and ready for merging into the trunk.

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Merge pull request 0000016 from stgatilov/master

Fixed std::bad_cast happening on camera movement.
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