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0001610The Dark ModGUIpublic19.07.2011 21:17
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Summary0001610: Fonts incomplete for keyboard bindings in settings menu
DescriptionWhen you bind certain keys on a German keyboard (possible other foreign keybaords & keys, too) to an action in the menu, some keys do not show their right character on the screen. Examples:

* Umlauts like "ü" show usually an empty space
* The right windows key displays "0x00" instead
Additional InformationCan't show screenshots as the settings menu is not working right now :)
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duplicate of 0002778 confirmed Add support for Umlauts like 'Ä' in the fonts 




19.07.2011 21:17

reporter   ~0003940

Will be fixed when we add Carleton with Umlauts etc.

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