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0001624The Dark ModAIpublic13.02.2012 15:16
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Summary0001624: AI should notice objects being out of place
DescriptionThe AI notices if an object is no longer where it is because an absence_marker radiates the STIM to alert them of this.

However, if they bump into the same object someplace else, they currently ignore it.

They should instead be alerted and search for the intruder.
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13.10.2011 23:54

developer   ~0004071

Might be a good idea to introduce this now that the absence markers are working better?

So... something like:

1) Move item
2) Absence Marker is generated
3) "Out of Place" marker is generated and attached to object
4) Activate "Out of Place" marker Stim when object is dropped?

Create a "can be out-of-place" spawnarg so that non-droppable loot is not affected by this?


13.02.2012 15:16

developer   ~0004320

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Now that objects can recognize their locations, we might add the ability to put location spawnargs where the marker can spawn. (So maybe a global spawnarg like "OOPM_spawns_everywhere" "1/0", "1" default(?), and if "0", then it goes to location spawnargs for placement, "OOPM_location1", "OOPM_location2", etc). The item may be out-of-place in a house (so the marker spawns), but might not be noticed if it's dumped in the street or in a sewer (so the marker isn't spawned).

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