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0001627The Dark ModAIpublic16.04.2012 17:53
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Summary0001627: Events triggered when AI reaches certain alert level
DescriptionI would prefer some sort of alert response targetting for general use to trigger on entry into various thresholds. So spawnargs like:


Fidcal: When the AI enters within any of those thresholds it triggers the target which can be set to do much more flexible things like call a script or conversation as well as move or delete a path node. It needs some thought though as to how to handle afterwards, repeats etc. So starting in no_alert there is no triggering but after being alerted then winding down on entry into no_alert it would trigger. It would probably need some extras like once_only I guess.

If a conversation were called from entry into high_alert would it be possible for the alerted AI to be the actor or would his alert override? I'm thinking a conversation that just triggers a speech like "Sound the alarm!" conversation over he then resumes his search or attack.
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23.03.2010 14:29

reporter   ~0002956

AFAIR we have support for an event that happen once an AI goes over a certain threshold - they drop their attachments. Maybe this should be changed to call a named script event, too?

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