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0000017DarkRadiantGUIpublic22.08.2021 15:33
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Summary0000017: Material File Editor
DescriptionAs suggested by MRYS (

Few years ago I was working a little in Q3Radiant. Q3 was one of the first games which used not only simple bitmap textures but also shaders. I remember, that syntax of shaders definitions was a little complicated and hard to understand, but there was a program, some kind of "Shader maker" (dont remember exact name), where you can point your textures, chose what effect you want (with preview!) and program generated piece of code for use.

Would be possible to make this kind of program (or function in DarkRadiant) for making textures and materials (or even shaders) for Dark Mod? Making them by hand is not very hard (In my others part of life few years I was using PovRay - renderer with only script scene representation, so know this kind of work well), but takes much time and it is easy to make some "bugs" in code.
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19.06.2009 14:51

administrator   ~0002503

Won't fix - Material viewing is implemented by now, but mtr editing is not part of the planned DarkRadiant feature set.

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0005712: Merge pull request 0000017 from illwieckz/iqm

add IQM format support into lib/picomodel
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0000017, 0005712
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