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0001702DarkRadiantGeneralpublic23.03.2009 14:54
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Summary0001702: If darkradiant cannot access user directory create configuration files in the root folder instead
DescriptionI want to use darkradiant on my pen drive when im not at my computer but the computers don't allow you to access their user config directories. Then it gives an error and won't start. Would it be possible to have a fallback which allows darkradiant to store information in it's root directory?
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20.03.2009 20:47

administrator   ~0002384

Hm, interesting case. I think there are some possible options to allow for portable usage. What about a command line argument, specifying the settings path? Like this:

g:\darkradiant\darkradiant.exe settingspath=g:\drsettings


23.03.2009 10:30

reporter   ~0002388

I am thinking it must be missing some libraries eg visual c++ so complains about the application config because of that. I cant do anything about that here though. :(


23.03.2009 14:54

administrator   ~0002389

Last edited: 23.03.2009 14:55

You can try to add the msvcrt9.dll from the VC++ 2008 redistributable package to the DarkRadiant folder?

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