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0001744The Dark ModGUIpublic31.07.2010 18:55
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Summary0001744: Method for controlling readable brightness
DescriptionJust a general issue to serve as a note that we should come up with some method* of adjusting readable brightness. It was raised as a result of actual experience in our recent contest FMs and it seems at least some agree there is a need. When you're playing in a dark environment for long periods of time, then open a readable... BAM! Instantly blind. I actually found myself delaying opening of readables until I was in a more lit area so it wouldn't be so jarring.

-simply darken the actual texture files?
-cvar/menu setting to allow flexibility with an rgb setting in materials?
-some kind of ambient filter light (hacky)?
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07.04.2009 22:47

administrator   ~0002417

Another possibility might be a slight fade in/out effect so it isn't so jarring.


31.07.2010 18:55

reporter   ~0003156

What about the lantern-light, that is lit over the readable, like it looks when the book isnĀ“t frobbed and highlighted. But the light is only barely visible or not at all to guards, because this simulates the player lifting up the towel over the lantern slightly to be able to read and only to lit up the readable.

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