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0000186DarkRadiantGUIpublic07.05.2007 16:35
Reporterorbweaver Assigned Toorbweaver  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.0 
Fixed in Version0.9.0 
Summary0000186: Model Selector takes too long to load, no feedback
DescriptionThe Model Selector takes several seconds to load and the application is non-responsive during this time. If the loading process cannot be sped up (likely) then some "In progress" type feedback should be provided and the GTK main loop should continue to run.
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07.03.2007 21:22

administrator   ~0000361

Is there any possibility of spawning background processes in GTK?


08.03.2007 15:24

developer   ~0000364

Attempting to use threads or processes opens up a whole can of worms I would rather not have to deal with. I have added the standard "pulsing" progress dialog while the model tree is populated, and the Cancel button is handled appropriately.

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