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0001872The Dark ModSoundpublic15.12.2018 05:44
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Summary0001872: In-game sounds continue into "death" and "mission complete" videos
DescriptionIn-game sounds continue into "death" and "mission complete" videos for my FM (Patently Dangerous).

At first I thought it was just the location-based ambient sounds, but then I heard a fireplace fire-crackling sound leaking into the death animation. So apparently it's all in-game sounds. Sounds do turn off when you "esc" into the main menu.

I don't know if this is a mod-wide problem, or my FM or Darkmod setup got fubar'd. Try to confirm this by playing my latest (July 27) draft of Patently Dangerous, climbing into Benson's top-left window (the grey north-most building; it's on the map) and getting killed by the guards.
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Location-based sounds continue into "death" and "mission complete" videos.

This shouldn't be too hard a fix. Just pre-emptively turn off the 2 channels on the location_settings entity as part of the end-game routine. I don't know if the script-loop for location_settings.script is still running; if so, it's easy to put it in there. If not you have to get the name of the location_settings entity and shut off snd_channel_body and snd_channel_body2 directly in whatever script or code is running when the game-end is called.

IF death_state OR mission_complete_state == TRUE // not the right names
stopSound( channel1, false );
stopSound( channel2, false );
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07.03.2011 21:53

administrator   ~0003726

For the record, I just noticed this yesterday.


15.12.2018 05:44

developer   ~0010926

Still an issue in 2.07

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