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0001909DarkRadiantGUIpublic15.02.2015 13:14
ReporterNightprowler Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows Vista Home Premium x64OS VersionSP1
Product Version0.10.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0001909: Open dialog boxes hide behind floating windows after the user presses the Alt+Tab command in order to return to DarkRadiant
DescriptionOpen dialog boxes hide behind floating windows after the user presses the Alt+Tab command in order to return to DarkRadiant. Since the focus is on the occluded dialog box, user input is blocked when the floating windows completely occludes the dialog box.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open DarkRadiant and at least one other Windows application.
2. In DarkRadiant, resize your Viewports and Entity Inspector windows so that the windows will completely cover the workspace.
3. Open the “Create Entity” dialog box and make sure that the dialog box is sitting in front of the floating windows.
4. Alt+Tab command out of Dark Radiant so that the other application comes into focus.
5. Alt+Tab again in order to return to DarkRadiant.

Result: The open dialog box hides behind the floating windows while still retaining control of user input.
Additional Information- Dialog box used: Create Entity dialog box
- Floating Windows used: 3D Viewport, 2D Viewport and Entity Inspector
- Workaround: While DarkRadiant is in the front of window focus, Alt+Tab and then, without letting go of Alt, Alt+Shift+Tab back into DarkRadiant in order to force the dialog box back in front of the main window.
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17.08.2009 09:02

administrator   ~0002621

This is an old problem due to GTK's/Radiant's way of handling top-level windows. Have you tried to switch to the "Embedded" layout, it has the same features (3D/2D/EntityInspector) without the need of floating top-level windows?


18.08.2009 07:55

reporter   ~0002623

I've tried the other layouts, included "Embedded". However, I prefer to place all of my windows where I want them. Also, I like that the "Floating" window layout allows me to remove any unwanted windows or viewports.

Yes, in fact, I did notice that the Embedded layout helps prevent this issue from happening since the viewports are docked and remain behind the dialog boxes. The floating Entity Inspector window still covered part of the "Create Entity" dialog since the Entity Inspector window is a floating window.

The only time I changed the layout in DarkRadiant was during the first time I ran the application. So, this is why I forgot report that I was using the "Window Layout/Floating" setting.

I would switch this to a "minor" issue since there are other layouts to choose from. I would have assigned this as a minor issue in the first place, but had forgotten that other window layouts exist.


22.07.2014 16:08

administrator   ~0006789

In Windows this is no longer a problem, this seems to have been fixed along with the switch to wxWidgets.

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