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0000199DarkRadiantGUIpublic20.03.2007 15:33
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.0 
Fixed in Version0.9.0 
Summary0000199: Hotkey to jump to selected texture in media tab
DescriptionCurrently this works in the Textures tab with a simple MMB click. Very useful. However, if the user is seeking this texture and it's neighbors within the Media tab tree, it doesn't also seek there. Understandable that we wouldn't want every MMB click to seek in the tree; that would quickly become annoying and counter-productive. Maybe a special hotkey to seek in the tree?

My personal interest in this is the following: Every time I select a brush, and then tree to the texture I want and apply it, I then hit S to bring up the surface inspector so I can adjust the texture. That of course gives me the /sfx folder in the textures tree, because of look ahead. This is quickly followed by swearing (in DR and DoomEd both), every single time, for years. With this hotkey, I could simply double-MMB (suggested) or whatever the brush again, and it would re-seek right to where I was in the texture tree.

I see this works in the Choose Shader dialog, which suggests it certainly could work in the Media tab.
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11.03.2007 21:04

administrator   ~0000395

Wouldn't the obvious solution be to de-focus the Media Browser after a texture is applied so that the S key isn't caught by the tree view?


13.03.2007 00:39

developer   ~0000403

That would address the problem I was describing, sure. But it would leave off the other part of this, the ability to auto-sort through the tree in the Media tab. In DoomEd this is done with MMB on a brush face with the Media tab in view. Indeed it already works for the Textures tab, but that only shows what is explicitly loaded. The real speed and power lie in the Media tab.

I imagined that with a press of the hotkey (or whatever), the Media tab tree seeks to that texture.


13.03.2007 07:07

administrator   ~0000406

So to sum this up: you want to have the Media Browser to quickly highlight and display the texture of the current selection, but you don't want to do this as soon as you pick the texture with MMB? Why not every time you MMB a target?


15.03.2007 10:04

administrator   ~0000415

MMB clicks are seeking the shader in the media browser.


16.03.2007 14:10

developer   ~0000422

Last edited: 16.03.2007 14:11

Has this fix been uploaded to FTP at this time? My build (from 3/14) is not showing this and another fix, but I don't want to jump the gun. But, if you've started something big like S/R, I assume we might not be seeing a new drop for a while. No rush, there are still other things to verify.



16.03.2007 14:49

administrator   ~0000423

Yes, I added the "fix" comment on the 15th of March, so this is not included yet in your build.


16.03.2007 16:37

developer   ~0000424

Time zones. I have no idea whether that's my 15th or your 15th. :)


20.03.2007 15:33

developer   ~0000432

MMB func *and* defocus of the list? Awesome.

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