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0000200DarkRadiantGUIpublic25.03.2007 15:01
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.0 
Fixed in Version0.9.0 
Summary0000200: Hotkey to paint whole brush as selected texture
DescriptionAs far as I'm aware, we can currently use the following methods to paint a brush with a texture lifted from another brush:
1. paint each face individually with shift-MMB, or
2. select the brush, go to the Media tab, find the texture and RMB->Apply, or
3. select the brush, go to the Textures tab, click desired texture (currently broken)

I'm wondering if it might be nice to have a hotkey that takes the current texture in memory and simply applies it to a brush with one click. E.g., if shift-MMB paints a face, perhaps ctrl-shift-MMB paints the whole brush. A lot less cumbersome.
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11.03.2007 20:51

administrator   ~0000394

Last edited: 11.03.2007 20:52

Just to make sure I'm getting this right: You need a hotkey or hotclick that applies a texture to the currently selected brush.

This will NOT include any texture projection or texture naturalise stuff, is this what you want?



13.03.2007 00:28

developer   ~0000402

I hadn't thought about alignment really.. but since the user will have lifted the texture from another face with MMB, what are your options for putting that on a whole brush? Just using that same alignment that would have been carried from face to face, but instead from face to brush, would make the most sense I guess (assuming that's simple to do).


13.03.2007 07:04

administrator   ~0000405

Discussion continues here:


25.03.2007 03:36

developer   ~0000473

Sorry, is there a default key combo for this? I'm checking the list but I don't see it.


25.03.2007 07:11

administrator   ~0000476

No, there's not default key combo for this (yet). Which one do you want?


25.03.2007 14:20

developer   ~0000482

Doesn't matta to me, I usually change most of 'em anyway. :)
I'm more wondering what the key is named?


25.03.2007 14:21

administrator   ~0000483

"CopyShader" / "PasteShader" / "PasteShaderNatural"


25.03.2007 14:46

developer   ~0000491

Okay, I think I've got it working with Paste Shader. Though I did just notice something I hadn't realized - you can't set mouse clicks with the help shortcuts? I tried looking at the xmls but didn't see a way there; maybe I'm missing it.

To that end, maybe I do have a suggested key: how about ctrl-alt-shift-MMB? That likens it to the face operations (ctrl-MMB, etc). The fact that it's ctrl-alt-shift is kind've a heuristic that it's "everything", so it's the whole brush. :) I dunno, just a suggestion.

Will that work on a click, not requiring selection first, the way the face operations do (one click texture apply to brush)? If not, is that hard? We'd have face operations with a click, and brush operation with a click.


25.03.2007 14:59

administrator   ~0000492

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood your question, there is indeed a mouse combo (you asked for a key combo, that's why I got it wrong):

Try Ctrl-Alt-MMB. :)


25.03.2007 15:01

developer   ~0000493

Beeeeautiful! :)

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