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0002010DarkRadiantGeneralpublic29.12.2016 13:10
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Product Version1.0.2 
Summary0002010: OBJ Import?
DescriptionThis might be completely unreasonable, and depends on the outcome of issue 0002006. Just writing this down so it isn't forgotten.

Since we can export OBJs, wouldn't it be handy to be able to import them as well...
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has duplicate 0002006 closedgreebo OBJ export for patches 




20.11.2009 10:06

administrator   ~0002742

Hm, this doesn't make a lot of sense - if I export the geometry to a modeling app, I assume that this is to achieve something which is not possible in DarkRadiant (like vertex colouring and creating more complicated geometry). I cannot reimport such data in the form of brushes and patches - the way to go is to import the model as ASE or LWO into the map.


29.12.2016 13:10

administrator   ~0008676

Won't implement this one. OBJ models need to be converted to a format idTech4 can load. Other game types should be able to use OBJ just fine when specified in the .game file.

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