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0002073The Dark ModAIpublic22.12.2018 09:42
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Summary0002073: Rats do not avoid fire or other strong light sources
DescriptionAdding a rat to the candles map you can see it run through the fires. (It also does not die it from it seems - investigating still if this is because it is immune to fire stims).
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01.01.2010 12:32

developer   ~0002825

One importance of that bug is that dead rats count as "kill", so a rat wandering into a campfire and dying can break the mission.


01.01.2010 16:20

administrator   ~0002830

We might want some kind of generalized AI reacting to pain...regular AI will continue to walk into fire as well, as well as other damaging stimulus.


28.03.2018 15:30


Rats haven't counted a kill for ages, and TBH its down to the mapper to put moster clip and or a func_damage on a heat source for the player/Ai etc.


25.04.2018 05:40

developer   ~0010399

This is about making rats behave more realistically around light changes.


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