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0002090The Dark ModCodingpublic26.11.2012 18:08
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Summary0002090: Add a cvar converting moving/flickering lights into static (unmoving) lights ones
DescriptionThat would need to be done at map start/load time (e.g. entity spawn time).

The result would be more performance for people with weak systems.

At the same time, explore converting the running script to move the light into a C++ function for more speed. (benchmark whether that actually matters first)
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07.01.2010 21:55

reporter   ~0002854

Currently this proposal has been rejected due to the fear that if a player can change a light from moving to non-moving, he could hide better, thus break the map.

While I do not share this fear (the fast ambient method already does the same in some places), this means I won't implement this feature right now.

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