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0000219DarkRadiantRendererpublic20.03.2021 09:22
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Summary0000219: Realtime shadow mode?
DescriptionI wasn't sure whether to track this or not, but I know that sometimes things don't happen unless they are tracked (just had a perfect example of this at work today - a large feature from our software I've been waiting on, which is known by all, talked about at meetings, but not tracked - kind've a "so obvious that it's not necessary" situation - sure enough, today, the developer tracked it, as a note to himself because he forgot), and more importantly, DarkRadiant is so fast overtaking DoomEd that I assume this is moving closer and closer to the front of the queue.

That said, if this is to be part of some larger, fully detailed and spec'd "Renderer Rewrite" entry, then we can just close this out and forget it/merge it/whatever. But I thought I'd put this up because I just had a thought on one particular facet of it.

The reasons to use DoomEd at all are dwindling. Yay. I even felt uncomfortable using it over the past few days for some shadow-dependant stuff. However, I did need it for that - shadows.

So I'm thinking... well, I'm sure the DR renderer is not nearly as fast as the Doom renderer (evidence of this can already be seen even on a small map), so perhaps shadows aren't really a viable option at this point - it would drag the rendering to a crawl. But then it occurred to me, why not have a lit shadow *mode*, which is separate from the existing lit (noshadow) mode? That way it exists, and prior to the renderer being updated someday in the future, but the user is not forced to suffer with a slow framerate, and instead can enable it only when needed for shadow work.

Anyway, that's the idea, a separate lit shadow mode, the only real reason I tracked this at this time.
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20.03.2007 18:24

developer   ~0000437

Unfortunately to implement shadows at all requires a renderer rewrite, because it would mean performing the render on a light-by-light basis (like Doom 3 does) rather than testing each surface against a global list of lights. It is therefore not possible to implement a quick-n-dirty shadow mode (or at least to do so would require a similar amount of work to actually doing the real rewrite).

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