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0002228The Dark ModCodingpublic07.07.2013 22:31
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Tograyman  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product VersionTDM 1.02 
Summary0002228: Water arrow + lantern bot = crash
DescriptionI've confirmed reports "from the field" that sending a water arrow into the face of a lanter bot will crash out TDM.
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23.09.2010 03:52

administrator   ~0003192

I'm trying to reproduce this with 1.02 and can't.

I've fired dozens of water arrows into a lanternbot's face and can't crash TDM. The bot stops moving and sounds his alarm. I've tried him on team 0 and team 16 with the same results. I've hit him with water arrows and other arrows from all sides, with no crashes.

The test map I'm using is a lanternbot patrolling 4 path_corners in a single room, me, weapons, and a light.

Is this still happening out in the field?


23.09.2010 03:53

administrator   ~0003193

I'm testing on Win32.

Are the crashes occurring on Win64 or Linux, perhaps?


23.09.2010 15:32

developer   ~0003195

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I have been searching but cannot find it... There was some reference to problems that affect only Core2Duo and newer CPU architectures... (I hope that the reporting was erroneous or someone will need to buy you a new PC).



05.03.2011 22:26

updater   ~0003702

Don't know if it's related but I'm getting random crashes when a lanternbot is alerted. No arrow - just heard me. It may be that the water arrow caused an alert so it might be the same problem. As I recall, water arrows cause an alert on AI not from sound but if they are within the splash area. I'll see if I can reproduce it in a test map over the next few days.


08.03.2011 15:17

updater   ~0003737

I now have a test map where just firing a noisemaker arrow at a wall to cause an alert always immediately crashes to desktop. Both SVN & 1.04. PM me for map if anyone working on this.


08.03.2011 19:04

administrator   ~0003739

The crash comes from the bot having no AAS areas to move around in.

The bot in your test map sits outside of the calculated AAS96 areas. Dmap then says since there are no AI inside the AAS96 areas that need AAS96, it doesn't write the *.aas96 file.

When the mission starts, you get a warning message saying "AAS96 is out of date".

When I move the bot into the center of the room, *.aas96 gets written, the map comes up okay, and he's alerted by a noisemaker and there's no crash.

So ...

1 - If all lanternbots in a mission are too close to a wall or monster_clip, dmap doesn't create the *.aas96 file and you get a warning at mission start.

2 - If all lanternbots are in "okay" places, dmap creates the *.aas96 file and all is well.

3 - If all lanternbots are then moved close to a wall, dmap won't create a new *.aas96 file, and won't delete the old one. The map comes up okay, there's no error message, and all is well.

As with any architectural changes, it's best to delete any *.aasN files before dmapping. That guarantees that they match the architecture. Any start-time warnings are then due to a particular AAS file not being created, so the AI need to be adjusted.


07.07.2013 22:31

administrator   ~0005660

It's been almost three years since the last report of this, so I'm closing it as not reproducible.

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