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0002316The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic04.03.2019 14:16
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Product VersionTDM 1.02 
Summary0002316: tdm_door_control - WIP
DescriptionActually it´s working very fine, it only would need a less loud sound when opening or closing the door with this method. (frob-button hold down, door control via mouse-movement)

It´s not working on every door, though: (it´s not random, some doors seem to be compatible, some not.)

- the door spins a little and opens the normal way.

- the door opens/closes in the opposite angle

- after closing the door, and then open it again (with holding frob all the time) the visportal is still closed. (black patch visible) So I always close the door in the normal way.

Note: This is working with chest´s too and I never had problems there. But because it makes not much sense on them (it would make if a guard is around and he would note movement on the chest) I use it not often.
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22.07.2010 04:35

reporter   ~0003145

The first point is not correct: when the door spins it won´t open really. You have to frob again to close the door and then open in normal way.

Also tonight I saw this behavior on chests too. So doors and chest suffer from the same problems.


31.07.2010 18:44

reporter   ~0003154

- When trying a locked door, the door-handle won´t react anymore. Only after lockpicking and closing the door again, the handle was active again. I have to add that the door wasn´t compatible with DoorControl either.

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