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0002336DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic11.01.2013 09:45
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Summary0002336: Decal issue (grime corners) - see-through effect. when behind another patch
DescriptionThe 'grime_corners' texture or other 'grime family' transparent textures are used in front of the self-lit windows texture 'roundtop_diamond_pattern01_lit' the decal becomes dark around the edges - I will make a short vid to illustrate what I mean -


And I have attached a small test map.
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06.08.2010 13:11 (25,808 bytes)


06.08.2010 13:26


I tried workaround where I used a brush instead of a patch and place that just in front of the window, but the the issue is still there - which suggested its with the texture not licking being behind a patch.


22.08.2010 23:23

administrator   ~0003178

Does this have anything to do with the way decals are painted at run-time?

I can have a decal as much as 9 units behind a brush be painted over that brush if I'm far enough away in the map. Up close, TDM properly Z-buffers the two, but at a distance, it paints the decal in front of the brush. I've noticed this with other decals (vines), so this might not be an issue with just the grime decals.


28.09.2010 15:18


I will check.. but I think it only effects certain decal textures. So this maybe a case of the textures being poorly or incorrectly made.


24.07.2011 15:53


In answer you your question Gman, I don't know. But what you described is exactly what's happening.


11.01.2013 09:45


Fyi - This still happens with TDM 1.08.

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