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0002381DarkRadiantGUIpublic15.02.2015 13:14
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Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0002381: Fast/slow camera movement switch
DescriptionWhen placing the camera in the 3D window, you need sometimes very fine control (f.i. for making screenshots or working on small details), and sometimes you want to quickly traverse a huge map.

Switching the camera speed via the settings is possibe, but is very cumbersome.

So my wish would be that if you are in the 3D window (RMB) and "fly" through the map, you have the normal speed, as set in the menu. When you hold "shift" (or any other, probably configurable) modifier, the speed is multiplied by a certain amount, either fixed (2x) or set in the settings.
Additional InformationIt is possible to navigate the map without RMB in the 3D window first and this is faster, but it seems to allow only x/y movement, not in the z-axis.
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27.09.2010 05:59

administrator   ~0003202

Last edited: 27.09.2010 05:59

There are shortcuts to adjust the camera speed step-wise by a factor of two. For me this is bound to Numpad+ and Numpad-.


28.09.2010 15:23



Would it not be possible for DR to interpenetrate scrolling speed, in that the faster you scroll the faster you fly in 3D mode in DR..?


07.10.2010 21:17

reporter   ~0003228

The shortcuts do indeed work, but its a bit hard to adjust the speed blindly (you don't see to what value you have just set it), plus you automatically exit the flymode when you press numpad+-. So, yeah, its a workaround, but a simple "shift" => 2x faster would still be nice to have.

@bikerdude: I don't think the mouse sends the scrolling speed, just scroll-up and scroll-down events.


08.10.2010 11:55

administrator   ~0003230

I'll give this a "maybe" status. Perhaps a newbie coder wants to try her hands on that issue.


19.07.2014 07:26

administrator   ~0006742

Holding shift while scrolling will double movement speed, holding Alt will reduce it to a tenth.

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