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0002410The Dark ModAIpublic16.10.2017 20:36
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Target VersionTDM 2.03Fixed in VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0002410: Blood stains only affect face
DescriptionHmm, although hitting "flesh" surfaces on an AI will cause blood to spatter, it doesn't seem to 'cling' to the AI anywhere but the face. There is a distinct line of blood at the neck.

My hunch is that the AI is set to not have bloodstains cling so that the blood can fall to the ground? Probably doesn't affect attachments, which is why the head is affected. Not sure though, since with the horse, the blood clings to mesh with a "cloth" texture but not a "flesh" texture.
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related to 0003817 resolvedSteveL Make decals persist through LOD switches, hiding, shouldering, save/loading 




07.12.2010 15:35

administrator   ~0003373

This seems to be somewhat random. Sometimes the blood clings to the body but NOT the face, other times the reverse.


16.10.2017 20:36

developer   ~0009503

No reports since 2.03

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