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0002478The Dark ModCodingpublic19.06.2011 19:28
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Product VersionTDM 1.05 
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Summary0002478: Adjustments to mines
Description1 Sensitive mine activation: the biggest problem is that the mine only seems to activate when the AI's foot physically touches it, in contrast to Thief mines which exploded when an AI came sufficiently close. Quite frequently I can throw a mine near a zombie and watch while it "walks" straight over it without touching, and the mine does not activate. I think the mine ought use a proximity test to detect if the AI is standing within a circle of x units from the mine center, rather than waiting for contact (or maybe it already does this but the radius is too small).

2 Would also be nice to have some method of picking up mines that are mis-thrown. Perhaps if you frob them from far enough away they get put back in inventory. Lockpicking to unarm was also proposed at one point.

Minor issue: quite frequently when throwing the mine from a crouching position, the mine rotates in the air and then lands upside down. Obviously this was never a problem in Thief because it didn't do full physics simulation. Perhaps the mine could be made more bottom-heavy so this was less likely to occur.
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20.05.2011 20:27

administrator   ~0003856

When a mine is launched or dropped, it's a projectile.

After it lands, it remains a projectile, and waits for something to collide with it.

For it to use proximity detection, it will have to be made to think.


19.06.2011 19:24

administrator   ~0003884

Changed the following:

1. Added the ability to disarm a mine using any lockpick, then to frob that mine back into the player’s inventory.
2. Added a ticking sound to indicate a mine is armed.
3. Added a “disarmed” sound when a mine is disarmed.
4. Changed when a mine is considered “touching” an AI so that mines don’t fall into the floor when touched, they’re more likely to go off, and decals are properly placed on nearby brushes.
5. Adjusted flight behavior so that it’s more likely a mine will land rightside-up.
6. Explode a mine if a ragdoll is tossed onto it.
7. Show scorch decal when an arrow hits a mine.
8. Allow mappers to place armed mines at mission start.
9. Added sound propagation for exploding mines. (Not for flashmines.) Now AI will respond to the sound of a detonating mine, in the same way they respond to exploding fire arrows.
10. Added vertical impulse to mine detonation (not for flashmines). This isn’t noticeable for humanoid AI, but it’ll fling a rat into the air.
11. If the player happens to shoulder a dead rat, he shouldn’t hear any shouldering sounds.

rev. 4895:


rev 11992:



19.06.2011 19:28

administrator   ~0003886

maps/test includes a test map for this,

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