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0002484The Dark ModAIpublic11.08.2017 18:04
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Summary0002484: Spider ragdoll still floating
DescriptionI thought this was fixed, but in the Illustionist's Tower, dead spiders floated a good two feet off the ground.
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17.12.2010 17:58

administrator   ~0003388

The spiders in Illusionist's Tower would sometimes hover after death and sometimes fall to the ground. Perhaps it has to do with where the arrow is when the spider flips, because we know that attachments can stop a falling AF before it hits the ground.


17.12.2010 18:06

administrator   ~0003389


Well, the ragdoll shouldn't effect a death anim anyway should it? it's just used for collision bodies while alive for a dragable ragdoll, in which case you need to set all the joint contstraints (the hardest part) so they can flop around correctly.

If it has a death anim and can't be dragged then I'd think the constraints could be skipped. (However I'm not sure if the IK requires contraints so legs don't bend wrong ways)

Well, I think you need to delete the ragdoll entity AND make sure the ragdoll isn't listed in the spider def. Anyway, that's the state the lantern bot was in before I fixed it, and I could kill/touch it without crash.

Go into game, bring console and type edit_afs
The af editor will come up and you can load the file. Hit spawn and a spider ragdoll will spawn in front of you. (in the af pose)
Then in view (I think) check bodies tab, and skeleton... many choices. and it will show red boxes around each leg segment, body segment, etc... contraints are shown by little yellow pyramids, effectively showing you the range of motion for each joint.

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