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0002491The Dark ModCodingpublic03.07.2021 09:11
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Summary0002491: Consider method for mappers to change entity properties in-game
DescriptionIt would be useful if mappers could change more entity properties while the FM is running.

This post and thread relate....

I'll add a couple of suggested spawnargs later
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related to 0003576 resolvedgrayman Player needs a type spawnarg 




21.12.2010 08:10

updater   ~0003394

Here are a couple of suggested spawnargs to test on:

used_by_added (or similar suffix)


21.12.2010 08:12

updater   ~0003395

Could properties be removed? eg, bind


28.03.2018 10:22


@Greebo, can this be closed?


25.07.2018 20:36

developer   ~0010728

This is the current method:

related thread:


03.07.2021 09:08

administrator   ~0014142

This is not right, because "spawnarg" as an argument for spawning an entity, it is not a properly of living entity.
Indeed, it is possible to add script events which will change the actual properties at the moment you call it, and that's the right way to proceed.

If you change spawnargs, the only proper way for the change to have effect is respawning the entity.
Of course, any information gathered during entity lifetime is lost (sometimes it is a problem, sometimes not).
This approach is used for hot reload, so that mappers can edit their map and apply changes in-game (0005316).
Even for this use case, it was never deemed perfectly reliable, and for gameplay changes it should never be used.
I tried to apply some spawnarg changes without respawning an entity, but it generates more problems that it solves, and only works for trivial properties like position/orientation.

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