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0002508The Dark ModGUIpublic16.10.2017 16:29
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Summary0002508: cycle inventory categories and within a current category option
DescriptionSuggest add an OPTION to cycle inventory categories and within a current category. In other words so cannot cycle the whole inventory. You select the category then the normal inventory scroll controls only scroll that category.

Poll showed no significant opposition:

I think this would be useful for my player notes or I imagine players grumbling about inventory clutter. ;) Plus less chance of accidentally reading them.
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related to 0001443 closedgreebo Hotkey to inventory groups 
related to 0001631 closedgreebo Need enhanced inventory_cycle commands 
related to 0004286 resolvedSteveL Merge Durandall's new inventory GUI 




16.10.2017 16:29

developer   ~0009491

Since at least v1.03 you can assign a hotkey that cycles only items in the same category.


In 2.04 an optional GUI grid was added.

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