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0002565The Dark ModAnimationpublic15.12.2018 19:53
Reportergrayman Assigned ToSpringheel  
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Product VersionSVN 
Summary0002565: Block Key with Blackjack animation needs work
DescriptionThe animation is wrong when the blackjack changes from its attack state to its idle state when you press the BLOCK button. The blackjack and the hand currently become separated as they lower.
Steps To ReproduceTest with the SVN code.

Select the blackjack and raise it.

Press the BLOCK key.

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duplicate of 0002509 new blackjack idle 




12.07.2011 00:03

administrator   ~0003921

I can't see anything wrong with the maya animations. Maybe we should just disable blocking with the blackjack? It's not like it actually does anything anyway.

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