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0002579The Dark ModSEEDpublic27.10.2011 05:16
Reportertels Assigned Totels  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 1.03 
Target VersionTDM 1.04Fixed in VersionTDM 1.04 
Summary0002579: SEED: Clone important spawnargs
DescriptionWhen the SEED clone some entities (f.i. atdm:valve2_small), it does not set a few spawnargs on the newly spawned entities, f.i. "rotate". This results in the clone not working properly.
Additional InformationWe possible need to find all spawnargs automatically, because maintaining a list of "important" spawnargs is tedious and error prone.

A first step would be include all spawnargs that are set via "editor_setKeyValue name" "value".
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related to 0002575 assigned SEED: Handling of entities with attachments 
related to 0002576 assigned SEED: Handling of entities with bound children 




02.02.2011 05:41

administrator   ~0003535

Aren't editor_* spawnargs wiped out already? =)


02.02.2011 10:10

developer   ~0003538

Hm, yes, true.

But my current idea is first parse the map file and see which spawnargs are set in the map file. This includes every spawnarg set in DR manually, as all spawnargs set via editor_setKeyValue (as these get just inserted when the entity is inserte into the map by DR). It also gets only the spawnargs that were actually used, e.g. if the mapper deletes something, it gets not stored.

This would thus not rely on any editor_ spawnargs being present.

The shop code already parses the map file and caches it, so this might actually work. However, had no time to look into this yet.


05.02.2011 19:35

developer   ~0003566

Resolved with checkins 0004560 and 0004561. The spawnargs are now parsed from the map file and stored with the entity class. Upon entity spawn they are restored before setting classname, model etc.

Allows successfully spawning random smoke emitters now :)

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