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0002584The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic16.04.2012 17:54
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Product VersionTDM 1.03 
Summary0002584: Finish entities used by SEED
DescriptionThe pre-made entities that can be used by a SEED (anything under "Nature" f.i.) need a few more spawnargs, like the material (so grass no longer grows on metal or stone). Also, add random scaling to the models to change their variety.

There are also quite a few models we can turn into entities (the small mushrooms, some plants).

This should be done so that mappers can just use the entities instead of wasting time setting them up correctly by modifying a lot of spawnargs.
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28.01.2011 10:34

reporter   ~0003494

The nature models now only grow on:

    "seed_material_grass" "1.0"
    "seed_material_dirt" "0.8"
    "seed_material_moss" "1.0"
    "seed_material_sand" "0.7"
    "seed_material_mud" "0.7"


01.02.2011 14:49

reporter   ~0003530

Added a lot more pre-made random-generator entities and started to document them here:

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