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0002609The Dark ModSEEDpublic15.05.2013 15:27
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Product VersionTDM 1.03 
Summary0002609: SEED: Entities stick into each other
DescriptionFor vegetation it doesn't matter if entities stick inside each other, but it does so for moveables. Finally implement "seed_collide" and support "world" (nothing except the world that already exist, basicaly what we have now), "class" (world + entities of the same class) and "all" (all entities this SEED would or will create).
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04.02.2011 12:22

reporter   ~0003552

A related issue is that entities get clipped against the world, and so a plant might hit a wooden table with the edge. However, the trace somehow fails to account to get the texture and does not inhibit the plant, causing it to "float" in the air (because its invisible edge is stuck on the table).

Esp. for plants (or other nonsolids) we should use a point to trace to the ground, not a bounds/box/clipmodel.

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