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0002616The Dark ModModelspublic17.04.2012 01:24
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Summary0002616: FTP Assets
DescriptionGo through the new assets from the Arx crew on ftp.
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07.02.2011 09:59

reporter   ~0003570

Re: Chicken Model

Hi, I know you are keen to get a chicken model into TDM.

The one in the deposit we sent to you needs a little finishing, re-rigging and animating.

I gather that there is a shortage of TDM modellers that use Blender.

I will re-work it, add some idle, pecking, walking and flapping types of anims and sent it over to you guys.

It may well not be up to the required standard that you would like for TDM, in which case no problem :)

How does that sound?


07.02.2011 19:46

administrator   ~0003574

Last edited: 07.02.2011 19:50

Sure, that would be great.

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