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0002624The Dark ModAIpublic01.01.2013 01:48
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Product VersionTDM 1.03 
Target VersionTDM 2.00Fixed in VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0002624: Buggy AI prop lantern
DescriptionI noticed that the lantern AI can be set to carry using
def_attach5 atdm:prop_lantern_on
seems to be quite buggy..

    * If the AI sees me and drops the lantern it is unfrobable and is impossible to switch off.
    * If I surprise the AI and knock him out, the lantern is frobable and can be switched off.
    * Also the lantern is not switched off by water stim. I can drop it in a well and it shines on.

Surely immersing the lantern in water should switch it off? I do agree that the lantern should withstand a direct water arrow hit, though..

Maybe the lantern should go off by itself when it is dropped? I did see it automatically switch off sometimes after being dropped but more often it stayed on forever.

Also the behavior when carrying the dropped prop lantern is strange:

    * While carrying it when I use (press ENTER) it the first time, the light goes out like it should.
    * When I use it again, the lantern obviously changes it's position in the frobber but nothing happens.
    * When I use it again, the lantern goes on.
    * After this if I use it, I just hear the player grunt and nothing happens.
    * If I now drop it and pick it up again, the entire use weirdness is repeatable.
Steps To ReproduceMake an AI with the lantern. KO the AI or let him see you and drop the lantern
Additional InformationDiscussion in this thread:
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07.05.2011 20:14


I would like to add the following question -

why does the lantern flicker when the player is in noclip mode..?


08.05.2011 20:39

administrator   ~0003839

The AI lantern does not flicker; that's just the player latern.

The AI prop entity includes the following, so I'm not sure why they don't work:

"drop_set_frobable" "1"

"extinguish_on_drop" "1"
"extinguish_on_drop_delay" "15" // in seconds


19.12.2012 13:17

administrator   ~0004976

The problems described when the player is carrying the lantern are fixed by the solution to issue 0003128.


01.01.2013 01:48

administrator   ~0004980

Check frobability of and whether to douse dropped attachments, regardless of why they’re dropped. Lanterns will be frobable and will go out after 4s if they don’t remain vertical after being dropped.

Add a dequip_action_script spawnarg to the prop lantern so it can be picked up by the player and toggled on and off.

A dropped non-vertical lantern goes out after 4s. Leave it on if the player has frobbed it and is carrying it around when the timer expires.

Set min alert level when AI drops a lantern to 4. It’s a tossup between letting them run with the lantern during a minor search (4) and having them drop the lantern during a minor search (3). It looks better if they hang onto the lantern if they’re searching w/o drawing a weapon.

Fix bug introduced by the fix for 0003128, which caused unshouldered bodies to be invisible.

Add spawnargs to the lantern’s flame so it goes out if the lantern is knocked over.

Allow lanterns to go out if submerged in water. Water arrows won’t affect a lantern. Neither will gas.

rev. 5667:


rev 13287:


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