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0002642The Dark ModCodingpublic22.11.2020 12:49
Reportertels Assigned Tostgatilov  
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Product VersionTDM 1.04 
Summary0002642: Add multiple particles to func_emitter
DescriptionWe have StaticMulti to present multiple func statics as one model to the rendered, but we lack a way to do the same for particles.

Particle emitters cannot be "combined" into a rendermodel, but we should at least be able to store all models and their offset in one entity, then present them all to the renderer, instead of having to have multiple entities with one particle for each.

This would help in cases like fog (multiple floating fog particles), leaves or foliage (hundreds of trees with particle leaves, or flower patches), or f.i. a grand city view with dozend of chimney smoke stacks.
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20.02.2011 18:36

developer   ~0003618

A first stab of this has been implemented with revision 0004618. Multiple particle models can be set with "modelSUFFIX" like "model_2" and positioned with the corrosponding offset spawnarg (relative to entity origin).

LOD changes only happen for the first model, and there are some issues with Save()/Restore() which need sorting out. But otherwise it works.


23.02.2011 17:16

developer   ~0003646

The code has been restructured to not use so much memory if there are no additional models (keep only 1 instead of 3 lists, only put additional models into it, not the base model etc.). Also each model has a flags field (so we later can selectively hide them), and the Save/Restore code is much more complete now.

The code can now also distinguish between "is the same as the original model" (which should get full LOD treatment) and "is not the same", which should only pay attention to the hide_distance.

Also two script events have been added:

* emitterGetNumModels()
* emitterAddModels(modelName, modeloffset)

Things to do:

* removeModel()
* script events for removeModel() and getModelOffset(), getModelAtOffset()?
* LOD thinking for the individual involved models

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