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0002645The Dark ModAIpublic24.11.2017 16:40
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Product VersionTDM 1.04 
Summary0002645: Gas arrows can, in rare cases, impart an impulse to an AI that throws it a good distance.
DescriptionCan happen when the AI is nosing around fallen AI. It looks like it has something to do with a sudden increase in linear velocity, perhaps imparted by the AI being off the ground momentarily. CrashLand() always imparts damage in this case, sometimes enough to kill.
Steps To ReproduceVery very difficult to reproduce. Create a pile of ragdolls and cause an AI to nose around in their vicinity. Fire a gas arrow, which creates a knockout effect. At the moment of knockout, an AI might fling itself several hundred units from where it was, sometimes straight up into the air.
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26.02.2011 14:15

administrator   ~0003673

I've seen this specifically with guards that are doing their kneeling animation. Off the cuff hunch is that they are snapping back to their ragdoll pose (which is standing) and achieving some velocity because of the difference between their initial crouching pose and their standing ragdoll pose.

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