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0002678The Dark ModPhysicspublic14.10.2015 18:15
Reportertels Assigned ToSteveL  
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Product VersionTDM 1.04 
Summary0002678: nodraw skinned surfaces are still active for collision detection
DescriptionIf you switch the skin on a model to one that hides certain surfaces with "nodraw", the hidden surfaces are still active and use the same material as before. For instance, use a wooden door without the metal hinges, and the player is not able to shoot an arrow into these parts of the door, as the invisible hinges are still active in the CM.
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duplicate of 0004232 resolvedSteveL skins do not change collision data 
related to 0002297 new Sidedness of material sticks to skin 




07.03.2011 06:42


door_hinges.jpg (98,483 bytes)   
door_hinges.jpg (98,483 bytes)   


07.03.2011 21:03

administrator   ~0003723

Stupid question (since I ran into the "CM/materials change" problem a couple days ago):

Did you delete and recreate the *.cm file after switching the hinge skins?

Maybe it's irrelevant for models, I don't know.


07.03.2011 21:48

administrator   ~0003724

Strange. This shouldn't happen.


15.03.2011 18:05

developer   ~0003757

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The screenshot is from Knighton's Manor v1.1, and I definitely did not use the original CM file. Also, the CM file is (IMO) rather irrelevant, since the skin change (!) happens after model load. E.g. even if the CM somehow would contain the right information, ifyou switched the skin, the door would be broken again.

@Springheel: Actually, there is no code in the engine to rebuild the visual model nor its corrosponding CM when you change the skin, so this is actually whats is expected, it is just - an unexpected side-effect.



14.10.2015 18:15

developer   ~0007866

This will be fixed with 0004232

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