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0000027The Dark ModModelspublic21.05.2012 00:48
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned ToSpringheel  
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Summary0000027: AI Shadows appear cut off randomly

This is really weird. Open, and note the shadow cast by the nobleman. If you're not seeing it, maybe it's a nvidia driver issue local to my card (let me know). What I see is a strange clipping of shadows from his top and bottom sections. Really bizarre. It also seems to happen a little bit with the merc proguard, down at his boots occasionally. Since it's only a couple of models, and D3's approach to lighting is pretty solid, I can only guess maybe it's an origin/bbox/bones issue?? No idea, really.

Edit: Yep, it might be exactly that; bboxes. I can't connect with the BJ on the nobleman's skull. Only on his midsection - where he has a shadow.

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Ack, it's more serious than just shadows. Looking up at the nobleman's head, when standing nearby, his body will disappear.
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02.06.2008 16:31

administrator   ~0001239

I can confirm that I see this regularly on AI...though for some reason whenever I try to take a screenshot it comes out looking like it should.


21.05.2012 00:01

developer   ~0004598

When was the last time anyone could reproduce this?

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