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0002703The Dark ModGUIpublic12.10.2017 18:37
Reportertels Assigned ToObstler  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 1.05 
Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0002703: Need a way to scale the GUI
DescriptionNow that we have r_fovRatio, the user might want to scale the GUI, so that it is not stretched over the entire screen.

Two CVARs r_guiWidth and r_guiHeight with the range 0..1.0 could be introduced, both giving the relative size of the GUI to the entire screen.
Additional InformationuiManager->SetSize(w,h) might do the trick, but we need to find a place where to insert it. Possible during init of the main menu.
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related to 0004393 resolvedObstler Add the possibility to change the size of the gui elements via a slider in the menu. 




23.03.2011 21:02

developer   ~0003779

Support for the following CVARs has been added in the code and "glued" to the GUI:

* gui_Width (scaling 0..1.0 of screen size)
* gui_Height (scaling 0..1.0)
* gui_CenterX (offset 0..1.0 of screen width)
* gui_CenterY (scaling 0..1.0 of screen height)

The HUD GUI (weapon display, pickup messages, lockpicks, compass, lightgem etc) as already been edited to use the new scaling. Ditto for the ingame objectives.

Missing are the readables, overlay messages, message boxes, and maps, and a few small things like the lightgem crouch modifier.


06.04.2011 19:57

developer   ~0003795

As per request from the "team", the actual GUI changes are in a sep. branch in the main repository now. Anybody who wishes to test them needs to change to the "tels_playground" branch.

The code changes (minus the support for the spyglass and lightgem, which are both not yet written) are in the source trunk, and should thus be available to everyone once v1.06 is released.


14.11.2011 21:42

developer   ~0004148

Can be more easily done when we have the source.


12.10.2017 18:36

developer   ~0009462

Superseded by 4393

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