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0002819DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic22.12.2018 09:51
Reportergrayman Assigned Touser81 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.6.1 
Target Version1.7.0Fixed in Version2.6.0 
Summary0002819: Brushes, patches, entities, etc. change layers on their own
DescriptionAfter a map reaches a certain complexity, you can find things switching the layer they're in.

For example, in my current WIP, I just started for the day and found that a couple items placed on the first day of work--the ambient light and the target_addobjectives entity--had moved from the Default layer into one of my other layers.

Another example: two loot candleholders created at the same time in the same layer (one was dup'ed from the other) subsequently ended up in two different layers.
Steps To ReproduceIt's impossible to recreate a specific sequence of events.
Additional InformationI reported this a long time ago, but never put it into bugtracker because I couldn't create a list of steps to reproduce it.

Since it can't be reproduced on demand, the only thing I can suggest is that the code that handles layers be inspected for possible places where this type of thing can happen.

I noticed there's an existing issue about pieces of a func_static ending up in different layers. I also have that happening, and perhaps it's the same root problem.

It's quite frustrating having to put things back where they belong, then later finding a different collection of things have changed layers and I have to do it all over again.
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22.07.2011 10:40


Ah, I though was just me! I have been having this issue with a few large maps I have been working on, constantly having to re-add stuff to their respective layers.

I though it was just me and I was loosing the plot.


25.08.2011 13:49

viewer   ~0004003

It appears that this primarily happens when loading a saved map.

Probably what's happening is that the node order kept in the darkradiant layer information is getting out of sync. It's as if an extra node or nodes is being inserted into the order, or one or more are being skipped.

My workaround is to keep DR open all the time. If I don't, I spend the first 30 min after loading the previous night's work putting things back into their correct layers.


25.08.2011 16:39

administrator   ~0004004

Does this happen in small maps as well? Or just with our presumably large working map?


25.08.2011 17:35

viewer   ~0004005

I can't say for sure that this happens or doesn't happen in small maps.

I just created a new map with 20 brushes, func_statics, and AI in it. I defined 10 layers and spent time putting the objects into layers, moving them among layers, closing, reopening, shutting down DR and reopening.

The problem didn't occur.

So either it's something that begins to happen as a map grows, or when a specific object type is added, deleted, clipped, made into a func_static, etc.

Very hard to pin down. I looked briefly at the sources and the darkradiant layer file that's saved, and couldn't make hide nor hair of what could be wrong. Unfortunately, the layer information is kept 'per node' and there's no identifying info in the node data that ties it to a specific object, other than position in the node list.

Something that might help in debugging this would be for DR to add an entity name / brush number / primitive number for each node as it's saved, and ignore that extra info when the map is read. This won't hurt DR function, but might provide a clue as to what's going on by looking at snapshots of the saved layer data as time goes by, especially near DR restarts and map reloads.


25.08.2011 18:28

administrator   ~0004006

Ok. But I gather it's kind of reproducible in your work-in-progress map? Might this be a suitable test bed for me?


25.08.2011 18:44

viewer   ~0004007

I can ship you a snapshot of my WIP for testing, sure.

Will send in a PM.


21.09.2011 17:14

administrator   ~0004038

I'll set this to resolved after the recent tests with 1.7.0pre5. Can be re-opened if necessary.


18.03.2012 13:43


This is still happening in 1.7.0 (using the x64 version)


25.09.2016 18:29

viewer   ~0008349

@Biker, is this still happening to you?

I haven't seen it in the last 4 years.


25.09.2016 19:49


Last edited: 25.09.2016 19:50

Yes, I am fairly sure I have seen this still happening. But can't say for certain which map I was working on when I saw it last.


28.03.2018 09:26


Last edited: 03.04.2018 11:13

I will monitor this and close the tracker, as I am the only one working on very large maps atm.


22.12.2018 09:51


This still happens on 2.6.0 but only for a small amount of item and even then only on very large maps.

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