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0000289DarkRadiantGUIpublic07.05.2007 19:37
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version0.9.0 
Summary0000289: ESC to close dialogs with Cancel
DescriptionAs a standard convenience to users, it is suggested that ESC close dialogs which have a Cancel button.

There might be more, but here are three examples I know of at this time:

RMB -> Create Entity
RMB -> Create Model
Entity Tab -> Add Property
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04.05.2007 12:19

administrator   ~0000617

AFAIK, there is no standard behaviour in any of DarkRadiant's GTK dialog. I can implement that in gtkutil/DialogWindow.h but this will not cover every dialog by far.

We'll have to track down every single of these I guess.


04.05.2007 13:32

developer   ~0000618

Didn't we already have an issue for this, and after discussion agree that using Alt-C for Cancel would be acceptable?

Alternatively, it MAY be possible to implement such behaviour with .gtkrc files. I would rather not have code-level callbacks for this sort of thing since it is really a GTK issue not an application issue.


07.05.2007 03:01

developer   ~0000628

Just as an example, refer to open map dialog:
Ctrl-O opens it, ESC closes it. Very standard behavior (in windoze at least).


07.05.2007 19:21

administrator   ~0000633

Maybe we find a one-line-way of implementing this, like:

gtkutil::DialogWindow::connectESCToWidget(GtkWidget* widget);



07.05.2007 19:24

developer   ~0000634

I guess that would be OK, as long as all of the dialogs inherited from the same base class.


07.05.2007 19:37

administrator   ~0000635

I think dialogs wouldn't even have to derive from the DialogWindow class (but this would of course be cleaner), as it's just a static method and a static GTK callback. It basically could be used for every widget/window.

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