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0002918The Dark ModCodingpublic10.07.2012 17:15
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Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Summary0002918: AI giving casual greetings while alert
DescriptionAn issue for later: Noticed that the builder guard gave a casual greeting to the also alert nobleman. It's going to sound weird if AI with their swords out are offering cheerful, "Good evening" greetings to each other after giving warnings of an intruder a few minutes ago. AI in alert_idle state should probably not do regular greetings.
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14.11.2011 01:39

administrator   ~0004143

Once an AI is in alert idle state, they don't go back to idle state.

Weapons remain drawn.

So all greetings would be shut down after they spot the first alert that puts them into alert idle.

Is this acceptable?

If not, then we need to discuss putting AI back into normal idle after spending a certain amount of time in alert idle.


14.11.2011 01:47

administrator   ~0004145

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They definitely should not give typical greetings, as they all sound very casual and aren't appropriate for AI who are alert.

Another possibility would be to play their alert_idle barks as a greeting instead...they're barks like, "He won't get past me," or "I'm ready for him," which actually would sound pretty reasonable as a "greeting" under those circumstances.

"He won't get past me."
"You said it."

"I'm ready for him,"
"Yes, yes..."

Probably no greetings at all would the easiest, and it's possible not all alert_idle barks would be appropriate.



10.07.2012 17:14

administrator   ~0004704

Been looking for this and haven't seen it. I'll close this.

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