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0000293DarkRadiantGeneralpublic24.05.2007 12:25
Reportergreebo Assigned Toorbweaver  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.1 
Fixed in Version0.9.1 
Summary0000293: DarkRadiant crashes when required Doom3 assets are not available
DescriptionDarkRadiant currently can't be used without an existing Doom 3 installation. A check in the code for the existence of e.g. the light entityclass should be implemented.

Maybe a minimalist set of def files and lightshaders could be shipped with the editor?
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12.05.2007 14:19

reporter   ~0000644

I found an interesting error:
I do not have doom 3 files yet.
When creating a light with: "right click -> create entity -> light" a message box pops up that reads: "Unable to create entity "light", no brushes selected" (radiant does not crash).
When creating a light with: "right click -> create light" radiant terminates and the console reads: "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'EntityCreationException'
what(): Unable to create entity "light", no brushes selected"
A backtrace reveals that the exact same functions are called.
The function which causes the different results: "EntityCreationException (this=0x8941b08, what=@0xbfaaf2e8) at radiant/entity.h:48
48 : std::runtime_error(what) {}"


12.05.2007 14:20

developer   ~0000645

Yes, this is all in progress. The code in the context menu which creates the hard-coded entity classes doesn't catch that exception.


12.05.2007 15:40

reporter   ~0000646

Following your hint, I just copied the try / catch over from EntityClassChooser.cpp to OrthoContextMenu.cpp. Now it works. No idea if that's the way it should be done.


12.05.2007 18:49

developer   ~0000647

That's more or less what I did. Fixed in SVN.

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