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0002942DarkRadiantGUIpublic27.08.2013 14:32
ReporterAluminumHaste Assigned ToSTiFU  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWindowsOSWin7OS Version64bit
Product Version1.7.0 
Target Version1.8.0Fixed in Version1.8.0 
Summary0002942: Minimizing Console window minimizes Dark Radiant
DescriptionOpen Dark Radiant, open up the console or texture browser, click the "minimize" button on the texture browser and Dark Radiant also minimizes. When restoring the window, the console gui is minimized in the bottom of the window.
This is with Aero turned off, have not tried with Aero turned on.
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15.02.2012 14:00

updater   ~0004327

Just reporting that this is still happening however now when restoring the window, the console/texture window is back to normal size.


09.07.2012 03:40

updater   ~0004703

Why do the child windows even have minimize and maximize buttons? We could get around this problem if those buttons were just removed. There should only be the 'X' button for closing the window and that's it. Thoughts?


07.10.2012 14:12

developer   ~0004875

I agree and there are also a lot of inconsistencies with other windows. Some have (not working) minimize buttons and some don't. The maximize button is not neccessary in most cases and if it is, you can still resize the window at the borders. So I'll switch all those windows to Dialog-windows (no minimizing and maximizing).

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