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0002964The Dark ModAIpublic29.12.2023 18:47
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Product VersionTDM 1.06 
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Summary0002964: Combat: Enemy AI get stuck after hitting each other once
DescriptionI thought I reported this a while ago but can't find it. When enemy AI engage in combat, they each land a blow once and then stop, no longer attacking. They stay in combat mode, and will react to new stimulus, like a noise arrow or seeing the player, but otherwise they just stay where they are.

It doesn't always happen. I think it might be more common when one AI attacks without a melee weapon; I noticed it yesterday with a guard vs a skeleton and saw it before with guards vs mages.

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28.02.2013 04:03

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After seeing this happen a lot more, it seems most common when at least one of the combatants is using unarmed combat, like guards vs monsters. Code says that the AI is still in Combat state, but they both just stop fighting and stand facing each other until interrupted by some other stimulus (hit by someone else, or one or the other is killed).



12.03.2013 14:55

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Fixed by fixes to issue 0003331.

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