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Summary0003022: Windows (door type) need texture fade action when opening
Description Would be great to have opening windows glass textures fade for realism.

 ie: inside glass is blue moonlit, outside is brightly lit, or unlit (dark) depending on light inside (mapper sets skins).
Additional Information When window is open it should fade to a neutral color (ie light grey/white) depending on open position.
 Fully closed mimics the conditions on opposite side (brightly lit, or moonlight)
 Half open would be half fade - ie: from inside the window would still be slightly moonlit.

 Theory is that the window would use color_me, set to no color when open, fading to full color when closed.

 I have 2 windows on SVN. 93x36 and 40x36 that are skinned.

 It would require 2 skin fades at once.
 Maybe rolled into door code.
 Maybe completely separate from door code. But might be nice to have for an opaque glass door.

 Might be good to have the fade script separate so it could be put on a sub-func_door, but also used for any other object.
 wouldn't effect any old maps, as the window models only had one glass texture (which has been changed to two glass textures.)
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related to 0003771 acknowledged Models with corrupt or badly scaled textures - ongoing 




14.02.2012 20:45

developer   ~0004325

Doors already track their movement to determine when they are fully open/closed. So in theory it should be simple to take a measurement and convert this to a relative value from 0.0 to 1.0 and set this as a shaderparm so the material shader can read that value out and then either fade the color, or do other tricks depending on the door position.

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