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0003023DarkRadiantGUIpublic27.08.2013 14:32
ReporterAluminumHaste Assigned ToSTiFU  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformX64OSWindows 7OS VersionUltimate 64bit
Product Version1.7.0 
Target Version1.8.0Fixed in Version1.8.0 
Summary0003023: Texture browser is empty
DescriptionAfter closing the texture browser GUI, re-open it again with the shortcut or menu option. The texture browser has no items in it. If you click on another tab in the GUI, such as Console, then go back to Textures, then the texture browser has items in it again.
This is with the latest release built on 2012/02/15
Steps To ReproduceOpen texture browser with shortcut (t), Texture Browser is full of textures.
Close texture browser with same shortcut (t)
Open texture browser with shortcut (t), Texture Browser is empty with just a white background.
Click on the Console tab
Click on Texture tab, now there's textures.
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07.10.2012 19:38

developer   ~0004878

I have been diggin through the code for hours but couldn't find the issue. I decided, this is such a minor issue that I don't want to waste more time on this and went for a dirty solution. As AluminiumHaste pointed out, the texturebrowser is properly drawn after a page switch happened. So I simply force a pageswitch while the dialog is not yet visible.

This is fixed on github commit 0857c389b37ab6a62786e1ee4d3620f5bdc60281.

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