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0003026The Dark ModCodingpublic25.02.2012 23:08
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Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Target VersionTDM 1.08Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003026: Add "tired" sounds to Bow Draw
DescriptionThere are exertion sounds to play when the player's bow draw starts to wobble, but they're currently not called by the code. Not sure what the sound shader name is--I'm at work--but wanted to get this tracked...I imagine it's an easy fix. The sound just needs to be called at the same instant the bow view starts to wave back and forth. If the sound ends too early or too late, I can modify the sounds to fit as needed after the fact.

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24.02.2012 21:14

administrator   ~0004349

Add “snd_player_tired” to the player def and play it when the tired animation begins.

rev. 12645:



24.02.2012 21:15

administrator   ~0004350

SH: You might have to alter the sounds, since they end well before the animation ends. See what you think.


25.02.2012 18:46

administrator   ~0004354

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I've updated the sounds with ones that match the duration of the wobble, but one slight hiccup is that once started, the full sound plays even if the player fires the arrow in the middle of it.



25.02.2012 19:12

administrator   ~0004355

4 seconds if you let it play out. When it hits the 4s mark, the bow begins to come down.

If you change the sound so it lasts 4s, I can stop the sound if the animation aborts for any reason.


25.02.2012 19:23

administrator   ~0004356



25.02.2012 20:07

administrator   ~0004357

If the draw loop aborts after the tired sound starts, stop the sound.

rev 12651

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