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0003041The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic30.01.2021 21:38
ReporterAluminumHaste Assigned ToAluminumHaste  
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Platformx86OSWindows 7OS VersionUltimate x64
Product VersionSVN 
Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003041: We need Restart Mission option...
DescriptionSeveral times during testing I needed to restart a mission while playing. The only way to do this is to go to the main menu, and select New Mission, and click Start Mission of the already installed mission.
Alternatively you can kill yourself or get yourself killed, in which case you have 3 options and one of them is to restart the mission.
I would request this option to be available when the player hits 'Esc' to get to the game menu. There should be a restart mission perhaps below the Resume Mission button.

The difference between restarting the mission, and going to Start Mission in New Mission window is that when you restart you start again with the weapon/item loadout you already picked and you don't have to watch the briefing again.
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related to 0001661 closedIshtvan Crash when restarting a mission after death (inventory-related) 
parent of 0003139 resolvedgrayman Restart Map button only works once 




02.03.2012 17:56

reporter   ~0004364

Just a question: Is the "Restart" from the death menu also skipping the briefing and using the same inventory that you had when you started the mission? Or does it start from scratch?

In the latter case we also need to make "Restart" different from "New Mission" and this should then probably a different bug report.


02.03.2012 20:13

developer   ~0004366

When dying the restart option brings you back to the beginning of the mission, skipping the briefing and with the loadout you already picked.


12.03.2012 00:18

developer   ~0004395

The ability to restart a mission has been added, I would like some feedback from other players who can build from SVN source. Does it work for you? Does it crash, does it cause weird behaviour?


12.03.2012 22:02

reporter   ~0004403

Please test also the bug 0001661, if this works, we can close both. Thank you!


22.03.2012 03:26

developer   ~0004422

Working as intended.

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