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0003054The Dark ModCodingpublic21.04.2013 18:20
Reportertaaaki Assigned Totaaaki  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 1.08 
Target VersionTDM 1.08Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003054: Save screenshots to a central location
DescriptionCurrently, screenshots are saved to the fanmission path (e.g. <base>/darkmod/fms/<mission>/screenshots ), which leads to screenshots being spread across multiple folders.

Saving all screenshots to the same directory, regardless of mission, makes it easier to locate specific screenshots.

Since screenshots from different missions will share the same folder, it would also be nice to prefix the screenshot name with the mission (and possibly the date and time as well).
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10.03.2012 19:32

administrator   ~0004388

From Tels:

I also thought about adding the fm name somehow into the screenshot file name. Probably needs any non "a-z" replaced by "_" (and made lowercase), but sounds like a sensible idea. However, it might be a bit complicated because the code that searches for the next free screenshot slot might get confused (maybe this code needs simply to be changed to "read all directory entries, then pick the one with the highest number" instead of doing a "blind" search.


18.03.2012 20:15

administrator   ~0004419

I've made some progress. All screenshots get saved to <basepath>/darkmod/screenshots now. I still need to fix the screenshot naming code since idStr::Filter isn't flexible enough to accomodate the mission name in filename easily.


21.03.2012 16:29

administrator   ~0004420

Completed my changes to screenshot locations. All screenshots are now stored in <basepath>/darkmod/screenshots. Modified screenshot filename to include the currently installed mission and fixed the "slot" finding code.

Revision 5352:


21.03.2012 16:31

administrator   ~0004421

I've done a fair bit of testing, but only on Windows. More testing and some Linux testing would be appreciated.


19.04.2012 13:04

administrator   ~0004483

"All screenshots are now stored in <basepath>/darkmod/screenshots."

My screenshots are being saved in [base]/darkmod/fms/screenshots.


19.04.2012 19:23

administrator   ~0004486

Hmmm, that looks like its saving to fs_modSavePath instead of fs_basepath. What SVN revision is your binary? And if its not too much of a pain, could you run TheDarkMod.exe with +set fs_debug 1 set and provide the console output.


16.06.2012 18:59

administrator   ~0004664

Should be resolved in Revision 5479.

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